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Wellness Checks

Along with our 9-1-1 truck we also run a transfer truck Monday through Friday from 9 am to 9 pm​. This ambulance transports patients from a treating hospital to a hospital that can provide emergent or more specialized care. 

This ambulance is also used to transport patients from the hospital to a nursing home or rehabilitation facility for further medical care. It is also utilized to transport patients home from the hospital when they can't be brought home in their own car. 

In addition to medical transports the transfer truck is dedicated to our service area when our main truck goes out on a call. This allows us to maintain emergency coverage for our area when our main truck is assisting somebody else, dramatically reducing response time for the moments you need us most.

Transfer Service

9-1-1 Service

Edwardsburg Ambulance covers the 9-1-1 emergency medical services for the Village of Edwardsburg and Ontwa Township. As an Advanced Life Support service our ambulances do more than respond to medical emergencies. We are dispatched to all fire calls in our area as medical support to Edwardsburg Fire Department. We are also dispatched for search and rescue, weather emergencies and home medical alarms. Anything from a heart attack to help lifting you back in your chair, we're there for you!