6913 is our event and back line ambulance. Being the oldest truck in the fleet it is a 2000 Ford that was purchased used from Dowagiac EMS. This truck is used for a variety of events such as Football games and triathlons. 6913 is a Basic Life Support Ambulance with Adavanced Life Support capabilities.

6912 is our transfer ambulance. This ambulance was purchased new in 2006. 6912 was down for over a year with engine problems and was put back in service in June of 2015. 6912 is a fully equipped Advance Life Support Ambulance.

6910 is our main ambulance. The newest truck in the fleet is a 2012 Chevy purchased in November of 2014 . 6910 has new paint design which we feel better emphasizes our pride in our community. 6910 is a fully equipped Advance Life Support Ambulance. 

Our Ambulance